Disruptive times require an
innovative response

We use AI powered platforms that unleash workforces and transform organisations at exponential rates.

Faethm helps to uncover and validate critical business decisions

Faethm’s AI Analytics SaaS Platform blends proprietary analytics with client data to predict the impact of emerging technology on any job, workforce, company, industry, location or economy. Our clients use Faethm to understand the supply and demand of jobs and skills in the future, and to structure, size and equip their workforces for the work and opportunities that new technologies create. Learn more on the Faethm website.

Hive enables organisations to pivot fast

Hive is our AI powered internal talent marketplace that facilitates rapid rebalancing of workloads, gives employees the choice to work on strategic projects and builds individual and organisational resilience. Learn  more on the Hive website.

Skale matches businesses with talented professionals

Skale is our external talent marketplace that allows organisations to connect quickly with a wide range of data and digital experts to meet  immediate needs where the expertise is not available internally. Learn more on the Skale website.

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