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We equip people and organisations with practical tools to unleash performance.

Drawing on the latest research and practical experience, we support leaders and their teams to understand the impact of exponential technologies on roles within their organisations. We transform organisations by unlocking talent and increasing the flow of ideas to solve problems faster and gain a competitive edge.


Impact assessment

Modelling the impact of technology and automation on the organisation over five and ten year periods. 



Strategy validation 

Running modelling outputs through a robust validation phase to ensure the transformational agenda and strategy are aligned.



People planning

Delivering an actionable people plan that identifies job growth, redevelopment and redeployment areas of interest and recommends long term capability and retention planning.


Workforce transformation

Implementing the Hive platform to enable workforce engagement and mobility.



Future workforce strategy and transformation

We have in-depth knowledge of the multiple themes impacting the future of work including business strategy, leadership, organisational psychology and emerging socio-cultural shifts. We know that while technology will drive huge business efficiencies, a highly skilled, engaged and resilient workforce that can adapt to new challenges will be the critical factor driving tomorrow’s business success. Our consulting services help businesses develop actionable pathways forward that they can execute with confidence to address future of work challenges, today.

Capability building for the future of work

We deliver a suite of services that help organisations to build their employees’ core leadership capabilities. These skills are essential for navigating the agile and collaborative ways of working now required to succeed in business.


Introduction to the future of work

This half-day workshop is designed to expose leaders and their teams to the latest thinking and concepts related to key technology and societal developments, and implications for the workforce.

  • Overview of future of work and tech developments

  • Growth mindset, leading in the future

    • what does this mean for leaders

    • working in a different way

    • pitfalls and how to overcome them

  • Getting started on the journey

Building the future of work toolkit

  • Module 1: Identifying and scoping problems

  • Module 2: Leading change

  • Module 3: Create the right team culture

  • Module 4: Leading teams in a network organisation

We have developed a unique approach that breaks the transformational process into these modules:


Executive and Business

  • 1 to 1 coaching and development

  • Team effectiveness 

  • Business execution

We work alongside leaders and their teams to support development of key future-oriented leadership skills and business transformation.


Let us help you take the first step

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